The award winning project to revitalize and beautify the downtown area, to enhance its sense of place, to improve its status as a destination, and to solidify its identity as La Mesa’s city center.

Winner of the - 2015 Outstanding Civil Engineering Project by the American Society of Civil Engineers

Africa Rocks!
San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo’s Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks spotlights the amazing biodiversity found on the African continent, with unusual and striking species ready for their rise to fame. Ushering you into each new habitat are rock formations unique to their regions—from the craggy granite outcroppings of the kopje, to the jagged, layered tsingy rocks of Madagascar, to the smooth, wave-worn boulders of the South Africa coastline. Discover the headliners of Africa Rocks—these amazing animals and plants will have you starstruck!

San Diego State University

Snipes-Dye Associates is proud to be a part of over a dozen improvement projects in our beloved state university.

Elephant Odyssey
San Diego Zoo

Elephant Odyssey is the most ambitious exhibit project the San Diego Zoo has ever developed. This new area showcases animals in a truly unique setting. Guests have an opportunity to see elephants in an exhibit that features a state-of-the-art care center as well as mixed-species exhibits with some unusual animals. Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects can all be found in Elephant Odyssey. These seemingly unrelated animals from all over the world are, in fact, connected through their ancestral history in Southern California. By looking into the past and listening to the stories that fossils and living species can tell, we hope you will learn more about the special animals that we share our planet with today.